​Our dedicated, highly-trained workforce encompasses a wide range of disciplines with backgrounds and training from organizations like the National Security Agency, U.S. Department of Defense, Oracle Corp., Red Hat Inc., Microsoft and CompTIA.

Systems Engineering Services

Full Life Cycle System Development

•   Systems Integration

•   Software Engineering

•   Independent Verification and Validation

•   COTS Technology Integration

•   In-Service / Field Engineering Support

•   Agile Software Development

•   Open Systems Architecture

•   Configuration Management

•   Military Communications Engineering

Technology Support

IT / Communications Support

•   Network Engineering & Administration

•   IT / Comms Systems Administration

•   Help Desk and Technical Support

•   Infrastructure Support

•   Project Management

•   Data & Asset Management

•   Comms Equipment Maintenance & Repair

•   Training

•   Facility Operations and Maintenance

Cybersecurity Engineering

Engineering for Platform / Deployable / Weapon Systems
•   Definition and implementation of applicable information security requirements

•   Pre-deployment assessments/scans and remediation

•   Evaluation of system changes to address vulnerabilities for operational impact

•   Application of appropriate fixes/patches and implementation of mitigations

•   Full systems’ security lifecycle support

Cybersecurity Risk Management

Risk Management Framework Support

•   Security Controls Implementation & Assessments

•   System Security Plan Development

•   Continuous Monitoring Plan Development

•   Security Assessments (LSA, OSA)  Support •   Body of Evidence (BOE) Management

•   POA&M Development

•   Trusted Agent Services

•   Information Systems Security Engineer (ISSE) and Information Systems Security Officer (ISSO) Services

•   WIN Secure Host Baseline Deployment

•   UNIX-based Systems Hardening

•   Vulnerability Assessments

Managed Security Services

Regulatory Compliance (DFARS/NIST/CMMC, GLBA, HIPAA, PCI DSS)

If you are a federal contractor, merchant, financial services provider or a healthcare organization you constantly deal with customers’ personal and sensitive information


Protection and security of customer data is our first and foremost priority. Advent offers premier services, ranging from the Security Risk Assessment through final implementation of safeguard measures for our clients.


Not only do we offer best-in-class insight, identification of gaps leading to cyber attack, and remediation guidance – Advent excels in delivery, premier speed and accuracy implementation of critical protection measures.


Our best -practice expertise includes:

•   Risk Assessments

•   Security Audits & Assessments

•   Penetration Testing

•   Implementation of Endpoint, Network, and Server Security

•   Security Awareness Training

•   Ongoing Compliance & Security Monitoring

•   Security Information and Event Management

•   Security Policies & Procedures

•   Incident Response

•   Vulnerability Assessments

•   Intrusion Detection & Behavioral Monitoring

Cybersecurity Training

Phishing Testing & Cyber Security Awareness Training

Keep your employees at the highest level of security awareness through continuous training and testing.

Social engineering involves exploiting human weaknesses and vulnerabilities. In a social engineering attack, a hacker plays to basic human psychology. By exploiting human psychology, the attacker may induce a victim to reveal personal details, financial information, and other sensitive data.

Phishing is a popular form of social engineering. In this type of attack, the cybercriminal uses a fake email or website link. The victim is convinced that the said email or link is genuine, and tricked into revealing his or her relevant credentials. Once the hacker has the credentials, they can be used to log in to online accounts, steal sensitive information or seek extortion money.

Integrated Behavioral Reporting

Properly UX designed reporting for management and executive teams to help better understand employee behaviors and potential risks .

Behavior Data Reports

Our cyber experts provide monthly data reports on cyber behaviors with valuable feedback to trend improvement

On Demand Training

Fake phishing emails sent to your employees each month with viral video micro-learning

Fearless Execution, Proven Reliability, Agile Flexibility
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